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Join Our ALL AGES Community Guitar and Ukulele Lessons
Every Tuesday at Chicory Cafe in South Bend!

When Are The Lessons?

Every first and third Tuesday at 6:30 at Chicory Cafe.
Guitar lessons start at 6:15 PM and last until 7 PM
Ukulele lessons start at 7:15 PM and last until 8 PM

What Ages Can Participate?

Any and all ages!

What Do The Lessons Cost?

Lessons are only $25 each and occur two times a month.
We also have a discount for committing for two or more months, and also having two or more people in your group!

How Do Lessons Work?

The lessons are in a group setting. We have a nice quiet corner of Chicory Cafe where we meet up every other Tuesday. Your instructor (Corey) has everything you need to get started right away!

Who Is Invited?

Anyone and everyone who is a beginner and wants to learn how to play music seriously! In other words...you are!

How Do I Sign Up?

Below is a big blue button that says "Sign Up." Or you can sign up HERE.